Hi! My name is Elisangela Rodrigues Vieira.

I am a Brazilian girl living in France.  Married, mom of 3, PhD in Computer Sciences and Professional Coach.  With over 20 years on leadership, an experience that passes by multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Through « Emerveillée », our mission is to help women to develop their leadership.  Why women? We believe women are influencers, by consequence, leaders. But many are not aware of their identity or potential.

Our goal is to encourage, equip, empower, expat women leaders, to become the one they were created to be. Helping them to find harmony while navigating through the seasons of life.

If you are an expat,  you must be aware that expatriation is a new beginning. And you have so many reasons to struggle and find your harmony.  By hence, we want equip you to remember who you are,  taking decisions respecting your own values,  while expanding your vision of world. Your harmony is found when you live on purpose,  developing your full potential, bringing your best from your uniqueness to those around you.

If you are looking for encouragement, someone who believes in you and is a hand to help you through the changes of life, you found me.

Your friend,